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How it Works

Peace of mind in only a few steps.

Grab a shareable link for your post

With only a few clicks, we'll generate a link for your listing that you can share with potential buyers on Craigslist.

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Add the link to your Craigslist post

Drop the generated link into the description of your Craigslist post. You'll also want to note to potential buyers to use the link if they are interested in your item.

Potential buyers verify their information

After following your link, potential buyers sign up and verify who they are.

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Screenshot contact info f496de62036213beabc5471b2e0be70fe8b9bb2553a13ef20b66ce60cb5c55bf

Communicate without exposing personal information

We mask your email and phone number so you can communicate with potential buyers without giving them your information.

Sell your item

The rest is up to you. Proceed as you normally would sell any item on Craigslist. But this time you know who you are dealing with and you don't have to give out any personal contact information.

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